Greece: Resort from June 15, we are waiting for the Bulgarians first (Overview)


The beaches near Thessaloniki have already opened. PHOTO: Reuters

Nand on June 15, Greece gives the green light to its tourism, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the nation. International charter flights will be resumed on July 1st, but only holidaymakers from countries with an acceptably low level of infection will be allowed, he said. Tourists will undergo a rapid coronavirus test to reduce the fear of re-introduction of the infection. There will be no preliminary tests and health certificates, as Athens insisted some time ago. According to Greek media, rapid on-site tests will only be done when deemed necessary.

The first tourists will arrive in Greece by car from neighboring Balkan countries, Tourism Minister Harris Theocharis said, citing Bulgaria as a special example, CNN reported. A few days ago it became clear that Bulgarians will enter Greece without quarantine, but will be obliged to fill in declarations at the border, declaring that they are aware of the risk they take.

Restaurants in Greece will open on May 25th, and the ban on travel to the islands for non-locals also falls on that date. Shortly before the arrival of the first tourists, the seasonal hotels will be opened. From June 1st to the end of October, Greece will reduce the sales tax to 13% from 24% for ferry, plane and bus tickets, coffee and soft drinks served in cafes, bars and restaurants, and for open-air cinema tickets, Mitsotakis said. .

In Turkey, by the beginning of June, the tourist sites that have received a certificate that they are safe will be announced, announced the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy. Authorities in Ankara have briefed 70 stakeholders on security criteria and the potential of Turkish hospitals.

Serbia resumed passenger air transport on Thursday. Until June 14, there will be a limited number of flights to London, Frankfurt and Vienna. From June 1 there will be one flight a week to Paris and Amsterdam, and from June 6 the overseas flights will start.

No advance will be required

COVID-19 test, no quarantine.

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