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Actress and presenter Alex Sarchadzhieva celebrated her 37th birthday with her closest friends and by the sea yesterday. Since the beginning of May, Alex has been on her native Black Sea coast, where she relaxes and has fun with her best friends, after all productions in our country have been postponed indefinitely and she is practically unemployed. Despite the difficulties, the actress maintains a high spirit and continues with a smile ahead. At midnight on her birthday, Alex was surprised by her friends with a festive chocolate cake, Bulgaria Today writes. Sarchadzhieva did not expect this gesture and was caught completely unprepared. The presenter is so shocked that she can’t hold back her tears and cries in front of her friends. In the first minutes of her holiday, she is dressed in an anzung because she has no idea what her friends have organized. The party probably lasted all night and brought back unforgettable memories of Alex, who went through a series of trials after a loss.

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the father of her greatest love Ivan Laskin in early 2019. Then for her the only salvation was the theater, with which she is now divided because of the pandemic.

Even at the sea, the presenter tries not to lose shape and every day she trains and runs on the beach, and in the evening she enjoys delicious food by the sea with her friends. In a month, Sarchadzhieva is expected to return to her job as a presenter, as the shooting of the new season of the reality show “Games of Will” will begin, which will again be by the sea.

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