Graslei immediately littered with litter: “Antisocial behavior. We … (Ghent)


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Ghent –
A sad view on the Graslei on Thursday morning. Several piles of rubbish, especially paper bags from nearby McDonald’s, were left unsuspectingly on the street. “A disappointment,” says Ivago.

The relaxation of the corona measures immediately creates more litter in the streets of Ghent. And that is immediately apparent on the Graslei. A passer-by was able to take a photo on Thursday morning of the cobblestones strewn with paper bags and cups on the water.

There were several heaps with mainly paper bags, but also glass bottles, cans and all kinds of cardboard hamburger boxes. They were probably left there the night before by people picking up food from nearby McDonald’s.

Anti social behaviour

Disappointment is heard at the Ivago waste service. “We do our best to provide the best possible service in these difficult times of Corona. But we also count on the citizenship of the people. This shows little respect for the public domain. ”

Ships of Public Cleanliness Bram Van Braeckevelt (Groen) is also not happy with the incident. “This is really antisocial behavior and it is regrettable. Whoever likes to see Ghent is happy to take a few steps towards the rubbish bin. ”

Litter is a persistent problem on the Graslei, which has been repeatedly raised in recent years. Even larger waste baskets were placed last year, but they cannot stop scenes such as Thursday morning.

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