Goodness USA: President of Umar Sinoff


Umar Sinoff was elected president of the Washington ∙ North American Network of Malayalee Muslim Associations (Goodness) USA Chapter. The National Convention, to be held in Texas, was abandoned in the Covid situation. The new office bearers were held via video conference. The office bearers stated that these programs are not a celebration but a social good and fraternity. Priority is given to programs to provide relief to those suffering from Covid.

Rasheed K, deputy chairman Muhammad performed the prayer. Samad Ponneri, chairman of the UAE Nasir (President), Mehboob Kizhakkeppura (Secretary), Niaz Ahmed (Treasurer), Ajith Caretheth (Jo. Treasurer), Shaheen Abdul Jabbar, Dr. Moideen Elder, Piyar Basheer and Sajeeb Koya (NTC members) addressed the gathering.

New office bearers: Umar Sinoff (President), Firoz Mustafa (Vice President), Mohammed Harris (Secretary), Nishad Hameed (Joint Secretary), Raina Wallapilakam (Treasurer), Muhsin Ibrahim (Joint Treasurer). Directors: Ajmal Cholasery (Assets), c. Kunjammad (Programs), Fahima Hassan (Media), Rajeela Jalal (Women Empowerment), Masood Al Ansar (Youth Empowerment).

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