Goodbye to 41-year career Padmini Thomas is stepping up today


Thiruvananthapuram: “All my career and career has been with Railways. In the words of Padmini Thomas, who is retiring from the Railways after 41 years of office, she is very satisfied.

Padmini, a former Asian Games medal winner and former president of the Sports Council, is retiring from her position as Chief Supervisor (Computer Reservation). Though officially retiring on Sunday, on Saturday they did their last duty and traveled to the railway.

Padmini won the national bronze in the 400 meters at the 1982 Asian Games and silver in the 4 x 400 meter relay. Padmini has said that she was delighted to have done so much for the country while standing on the Victory Stand with her medal neck. He won many medals for the railways.

NIS With the Diploma in the Railway Team Coach. GV won Arjuna award for excellence in sports He has also been awarded the Raja Award.

Padmini recalls with gratitude the railway authorities for all the support of the Kerala Sports Council when she became President.

According to Padmini, when she was president of the Sports Council, her husband, former national athlete John Selvan, emboldened her. In 2015, the National Games were successfully held in Kerala. After a long hiatus, college games resumed.

“He was always with me in a position to travel all over Kerala.” John Selvan, who retired from the Railway as Chief Ticket Examiner, recently passed away.

Daughter Diana and son Danny and son-in-law K.J. Clinton was also an athlete. Diana and Clinton are railroad officials. Daughter-in-law: Nimmi Elsa Monley.

Content Highlights: Goodbye to 41-year career athlete Padmini Thomas is stepping down today

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