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Good news: No coronavirus deaths in Sweden in the last 24 hours

Sweden has not registered a single death from a coronavirus in the last 24 hours. This is the first time since May 13, health authorities said, but on weekends there is usually a delay in reporting data on the infected and the dead, Reuters reported.

Sweden’s liberal approach to the virus, based mainly on voluntary social distancing and hygiene, has been criticized by some as a dangerous experiment, but has recently been hailed by the World Health Organization as a future model for fighting pandemics.
Last week, Sweden had the highest number of Kovid-19 deaths in Europe per capita in a seven-day period.
In previous weekends, there was a minimal increase in deaths in the country, but it was offset by a drastic increase in the following days, a Public Health Agency spokesman said.
The total number of infected people in the Scandinavian country is 37,500, and the deaths are 4,395.
Only five deaths have been reported in the Netherlands in the last 24 hours, the National Institutes of Health and the Environment said, quoted by TASS.
This is the lowest number of deaths in the country in the last two and a half months. In the last 24 hours, 185 new cases of infection have been registered.
As of February 27, when the first infection was registered, the total number of infections in the Netherlands is 46,442, the dead – 5,956.
The number of infected people in Portugal increased by 297 per day to a total of 32,500, health authorities announced today. There are fourteen new deaths, and since the beginning of the epidemic they are 1410. More than 19,400 patients have been cured.

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