“GO RIGHT”: Hasan Ademov talks about the real face of the coronavirus


The Chairperson of the Social Policy Commission in the National Assembly – behind the wheel of “Drive Straight” with Diana Naydenova

The chairman of the committee for social policy in the National Assembly Hassan Ademov – behind the wheel of “Drive straight”. The MP, who tested positive for COVID-19 and overcame the virus, told Diana Naydenova about the experience.

“There is a very big feature of COVID-19 – very often the subjective sensations differ from the objective finding. That is, after the third day from the beginning of the disease I felt almost in perfect shape, without any complaints, but the X-ray finding, the clinical indicators showed a completely different face – the real face of the coronavirus, “explained Hassan Ademov from MRF. He told Diana Naydenova that he had no agreement with Tsveta Karayancheva to announce his name at the extraordinary midnight briefing she gave on the occasion of the first positive coronavirus test in parliament.

MP Hassan Ademov about the virus – first-person account (VIDEO)

Hassan Ademov finds good news the tendency to reduce the number of infected at the expense of the increasing number of cured in our country and the fact that in addition to the fiscal reserve and the loan of BGN 10 billion approved by the National Assembly, our country will be able to benefit from European support. union worth 15 billion euros.

Hassan Ademov has been discharged from hospital, thanks to the medics and Kiril Domuschiev (PHOTO)

Dr. Ademov commented that he supported the measures taken by the government to reduce the consequences in the socio-economic sphere after the pandemic. He is strongly opposed to the so-called “cap” distribution of money, because he said targeted support for the most affected sectors of the economy and groups of the population will be far more effective than a one-off grant.

There is an MP with a coronavirus (VIDEO)

The chairman of the social commission supports the sectoral approach to helping the most affected by the crisis. He is also adamant that the 60 out of 40 measure works, and our social system has enough funds to meet the need for payments and benefits for the unemployed and self-employed.


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