Girl with two mouths challenges Corona in an amazing video


Some women rely on make-up to change some aspects of her face, but in some cases, make-up is a “big trick” that makes her look completely different from reality.

Among the most unusual make-up tricks are those that can be relied upon to show or hide key features in a woman’s body, such as the mouth and nose, and sometimes makeup has a role in hiding a woman’s entire head.

And the British newspaper “The Sun” published a video, saying that it is a make-up specialist who performs a trick that makes her face appear small and a small nose, noting that the aim of this was imposed by the precautionary measures to protect against the emerging corona virus, which causes Covid-19 disease, and what it requires From wearing a muzzle that hides the mouth and nose.

And the makeup specialist uses the different colors of the makeup to change the shape of the nose to look very small, while you draw a mouth on the nostrils, to be visible when you hide her true mouth.

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