GGD will test slaughterhouse Helmond employees for coronavirus


This is stated in documents available to our research editorial staff. In addition to slaughterhouse Van Rooi in Helmond, inspectors have also become infected in the slaughterhouse of VION in Boxtel, the documents show.

According to the food authority, two NVWA veterinarians from the Keur department and seven KDS inspectors have tested positive for the corona virus, including those in Boxtel and Helmond. One of the two NVWA veterinarians who are infected works in the slaughterhouse in Helmond.

Infections Groenlo

The VION slaughterhouse in Groenlo had to close this week because 45 employees were found to be infected. The inspectors who assist the NVWA veterinarians can no longer work safely there.

Two inspectors who work there were infected at the VION site in Boxtel. One of them is in the hospital. At Van Rooi in Helmond, a KDS judge tested positive for corona. In addition, one of the infected inspectors from Boxtel also recently worked in the Helmond slaughterhouse.

From tomorrow, the employees of the NVWA and KDS will be tested who work in the slaughterhouse in Helmond. The GGD has yet to determine whether other employees will also be tested.

More testing in slaughterhouses

KDS is the company that supplies the inspectors to the slaughterhouses. It is very worrying, according to an internal email. “Within our company, several people are ill and some have complaints such as fever. Because in most cases people are not tested under current government policy, we are not sure whether they are infected.”

KDS has asked the ministry to increase the number of tests. This now seems to have been followed in Helmond. The KDS employees, together with the union, sent a letter of fire to the minister. They write that it is “five to twelve,” and urgent action is needed to prevent more employees from falling ill.

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