“German government: Lufthansa must purchase all airbuses”


Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr expects that it will take years before air traffic has recovered and therefore wants to reduce the fleet. This means that not all new airbuses can be taken off. More than a hundred A320neos and 27 A350s are still on order.

However, the German government, which is also a shareholder of Airbus, demands that all of them come into service. Production (particularly of the A320s) is important for employment in Germany. In addition, the arrival of the airbuses ensures a greener and quieter fleet.

However, according to Lufthansa management, this is standing in the way of the company’s recovery, sources report to Handelsblatt, and an impasse has been reached in which the parties cannot reach an agreement. Spohr has previously spoken out strongly against political influence.

Ultimately, a compromise will have to be found, because Lufthansa urgently needs state aid. The package under negotiation is about EUR 9 billion. In return, Germany will receive up to 25 percent of the shares, among other things.

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