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“As a rule, the endorsement is preceded by a causal transaction, a contract. This means that we agree that I will transfer the shares to you, and the technical method is done through a giro “, commented to NOVA the case with the transfer of the shares of PFC” Levski “the lawyer Prof. Ognian Gerdjikov – former caretaker Prime Minister and Chairman of the 39th National meeting.

“It is not an obstacle not to have a contract, because the endorsement does not bind anyone except the author himself – the one who transfers. The recipient is not obliged by anything. “Nothing obliges you to accept,” Gerdjikov explained, adding: “The endorsement does not burden anyone, so it is one-sided.”

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“You will become a shareholder only if you are registered in the shareholders’ book. Then you only get rights. There are no obligations, “Gerdjikov said.

According to the lawyer, now “Levski” belongs to the one who tried to endorse it, but did it with an unsuitable endorsement.

Prof. Gerdjikov praised the work of the prosecution both with the current Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and with the previous one – Sotir Tsatsarov.

“I like Geshev, I also watch what Tsatsarov is doing. These are things that have value for me. This is my view. It remains for the court to do its job properly “, Prof. Gerdjikov thinks.

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He also commented on the conflict between the government and the president.

“We have two strong men, generals with a well-defined ego. Not that they have to sing in a choir, but I don’t like such a confrontation, “Gerdjikov said.

“The president has a feeling that he should be a corrective,” the lawyer said, but said the head of state needed to soften the tone.

“In the end, managing is not easy. In a family, two people cannot be governed, and what is left for one country “, said Prof. Gerdjikov.

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