Georgi Ivanov: With Sirakov at the helm, Levski will be able to get out of the crisis


The sports director of Lokomotiv (Pd) Georgi Ivanov commented on the situation in the club, as well as that in his favorite Levski.

Here is what Gonzo said to BNT:

“We will try to be ready for the first match. Hardly anyone will be able to show their maximum capabilities.

In two weeks of training, everything will hardly be excellent. The athletes were at home for two months, though.

Both the Cup and the second place are completely achievable. We pursue both goals. The pandemic caught us in a period when we were building the team.

Zhivko Milanov missed a series of important matches for Levski

Zhivko Milanov missed a series of important matches for Levski

It continues to be cooked individually

Given the difficult situation in Levski, their players may not feel as good as possible. But they will have a new owner. And the fans showed great love for the team. I am convinced that Levski will be infinitely motivated to eliminate us. But so do we.

The situation in Levski is unpleasant. It has been like that before, but the club has shown that there are fans who set aside from their bite to have the team.

People stood behind Sirakov. I know him. He was my leader. I learned a lot from him. He is a motivator. It will make everyone invest 100%. I have been hearing this for many years, about the imposition of adolescents. They must impose themselves. With the qualities they show, “Ivanov said.

Petar Hubchev: Some time ago there were very good strikers in Lovech, today's football is not like the one from 20 years ago

Hubchev: Before there were many good players in Lovech, football has changed a lot in 20 years

“Now the rules are completely different and the requirements for defenders”

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