Georgette finds the truth hidden in the scene by fellow worshiper, scripted by a fan


Dirishham is one of the most hit films in Malayalam. Mohanlal in the lead role. The movie still has a lot of audiences. The second part of the scene is coming. Fans are re-discussing the story of Shyam Varkala’s earlier comment about what happened after the movie.

Shyam Varkala’s Facebook post

Scene – some sights


Rani (Meena) opened the door and she remembered seeing him somewhere.

Come in. Yes.

Rani can remember me.

I can see, but not in this column

Don’t understand. Call Georgette.

Rani glanced at him once more. The right leg has a few bruises and the right hand is bruised below the knee. A long bruise on the forehead. The right eyelid is half closed.

His eyes are red and troubled. Gorjutty came down while he was sitting in his chair and went to the sitout. And the Queen. He tried to get up, but Georgette stopped him and looked at him with the opposite chair. Georgette is also spreading the memory … Where …?

Don’t forget me

Twenty years to the year?

I love this

He laughed and looked at the queen. Rani came to Georgette trying to laugh. Georgette leaned forward from the chair and looked at him. So … dear..Sarell ..?

Rani was shocked to hear that name, yes it is. There was a tremor in the body. Yes, he is.

Sahadeva laughed quietly.

I know Georgette will remember. May I have a tea, please.

Even with water

Sahadeva looked at the Queen.

The queen is frozen to look at him.

The queen of fear. I’m not in trouble.

Sahadeva looked at them both with a calm face. Rani stepped in, trying to make her laugh. Georgette leaned back in the chair, trying to hide the shock and naturally laugh.

Come on. What’s this about? It’s been a total change. Can’t believe it.

Georgette was staring at his fellow god. He tried to change the image of Sahadeva in his mind but did not match the image in front of him.

The current look of a figure is good. Nobody understands. Did you know that the old fellow is not very good?

Sahadeva laughed and looked to her right hand which was half broken.

A case came up. He got the money, but after his sentencing, Pillar entered the house and started working. It is not broken, nor left to its face. That was the job.

Rani extended her tea to Sahadeva. Sahadeva smiled and brought her tea.

The case then went on. Thought to be in uniform forever. So there is nothing to earn. Forging a daughter. Kavalappara in Malappuram. Then I and my wife got together in a box. All was well. Rest. But maybe.

The face of Sahadeva fell. Sighing, he drank the tea in the glass alone.

Isn’t there? The roll broke. Georgette stopped in half. Sahadeva sighed and said ‘yes’.

Hmmm. H. Wife’s gone. And mol. That note is a late granddaughter for us. God has left me, Chekonam, me. No need to cry over the dead. The fellow goddess wiped her eyes.

Georgette could not believe his fellow crying in front of him. Is this the fellow god? There is not even a single strand of the old fellow in front of him. Georgette looked at the queen, not knowing what to say. Rani is a total sweatshirt.

Let it go. I am not here to tell you my story. I am not here to put you in trouble again.

But maybe. I can’t say this. Something Georgette would have to tell me.

Sahadeva spoke very calmly. Georgette looked at the fellow with a low grin. There were fears in the Queen’s missions.

Ishvara. After all these years. Again.

The day before I came here for evidence, Varun’s father had asked me to meet him and we met in front of the new station.

The other is that the person with George Kutty should not divert the case on account of his rivalry, and plead that the inquiry be conducted properly and find his son.

Rooney, Varun’s pet, was in his car at the time. Rooney jumped out of the car while we were talking. Since it is night, you have not been able to search.

I told Sar that I could search and find her in the morning and go home. Do you remember anything, Georgette? That dog. Remember? Do you know which dog? Georgette then realized the old policeman’s bravery in fellow gods.

Tell me everything else. Sarrel was there. Ask me about it. I don’t know any puppy. Georgette laughed and looked at the queen. Rani nodded and nodded.

After a while, Georgette will tell you what she said. Let it be. Now let me tell you a short story. Just the story.

Georgette or Queen, your daughter who’s married. Someone killed Varun. Whether you agree to it or not, that is the truth.

Varun’s body is buried here.

But maybe. The body was removed from the body the day before the evidence was taken. Under the soil of the Rajakkad police station where the carpentry was going.

When I and Varun’s father were talking in front of the new station, Georgette was in the trenches burying Varun inside.

Georgette may have seen us. Maybe not. I’m not sure. Georgette now knows that Varun’s pet dog had jumped at the time.

Specifically, the SI sits at the station of the hidden Varun. Hey, George.

Georgiotti jumped up angrily, leaving Rani in utter shock.

Do you want me to tell you each story and admit it, you go. I have some rush.

When you realized who you were, you had to leave. You’ve hurt us so much. Come back

Sahadeva laughed.

Even when the case was on the brink, Georgjutti was not so angry. Didn’t I tell you I didn’t hurt you? Georgette knows that if I tell the people I know what I’m talking about right now, they’ll mess it up. If I had a grudge against you, wouldn’t I?


GEORGEOTTY looked at Sahadeva.

Erik Georgjutty. Rani, sit down. Sahadeva said with a laugh.

George and Rani are sitting on the set looking at each other.

How could I have known it all these years later? I can tell. Varun’s body was not found in the case. I’ve got to relocate. Two weeks later, when I arrived at our new police station to file a case with SI Sar, I met Rooney.

Varun’s Pet I mentioned earlier. Two weeks ago, somebody harassed her and the druggist found her with a drug.

When I go to the station, I see two constables coming out from under the table where the SI is sitting and releasing Rooney with a lathi.

I called Varun’s father and told him about Rooney. The missing son has not been found. Didn’t find his puppy. Are you ashamed to call it this? This was the response I left it for later.

Sahadevan looked at Georgette. Georgette is bowing his head to the floor, listening to everything. Rani looked up at her husband and Georgette in dismay, holding George in her arms.

Sahadeva continued. When Georgette Varun was buried at the police station, Rooney might have gotten out of his car and got out of his car.

He may have cried. He may have also tried to attack Georgette. Then, perhaps in fear of being hit by a pit, George Rooty cut Rooney with a pickaxe or a stick. Just for killing. But Rooney escaped. This is the truth. By digging a pit at Rajakkad station, Varun’s skeleton could be found. This is what Georgiouti did. This is not true.

Georgette said nothing. The queen is shocked. She pressed Georgette’s hand.

You. Varun had something that could ruin your family. You firmly believe that he deserves nothing less than death. Had been decided. That’s why you fought so much. If George had been guilty of Varun’s death, he would have gone to jail for his wife and daughter. The reason behind Varun’s death. Only you know it. I don’t know. This silence of Georgette is enough for me.

I was relieved that my conclusions were correct.

Sahadeva rose slowly.

I am. I am not fooling you yet.

Georgette didn’t move, Rani got up and knocked on Georgette. Georgette got up. Sahadeva looked at Georgette with her sandals on.

Think I’m not here.

Sahadeva turned and started walking.

How about this. at this time. Where? How did you get to know the truth? I never even told my wife. The shock and horror for Georgette had not completely changed.

The fellow stood and smiled without looking back. We rolled over a hill in a fog and fell on top of a few people.

There was not even a single sign of the house. My Zulu. Illustration. Daughter. Granddaughter.

And some more. Sometime. People. All were buried alive. Sahadeva stood silently for a while.

I had a pet dog, Mollykutty. Somehow she managed to escape. When I and Marumon Chekan came running away with the information

As a sign of where my house is standing, my mollisk is curled up. She saw us and wept. Sahadeva’s eyes flooded.

Mollykutty did not stay there for days. It was Mollykutty who told me where Varun was. That is the truth that only Georgetown knows.

Show me.

GEORGEUTIE. You, too, are a faithful pet dog, burying the one who came to crush you, and over his own family to watch over you.

The chest of the one who had no family was in the old fellow.

Now you know. And Georgette. Georgette, please forgive Mollykutty.

Sahadevan wiped his eyes and walked forward. Georgette stood there watching the old policemen walk by.

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