george floyd protest: Floyd’s murder; This is how police respond to the protesters! – Georgette floyd’s mob protesting against police vehicle ram


Police brutally direct George Floyd’s protest for justice in the United States Protests have been raging in American cities for five days. President Donald Trump has condemned the death of George Floyd, calling for strong action against the protesters. The incident was a major blow to the United States, which was hit by the Kovid crisis. The regime has not been able to calm the protests for days. There is also criticism that the US police are protesting the protesters. Pictures and videos confirm that.

The protesters jumped into the vehicle

The police have decided to suppress protests throughout the US. A video of a New York Police Department man trying to hoist a truck has come out. The 27-second video has now gone viral on social media. The incident happened in Brooklyn on Sunday. Congresswoman Alexandria Cortez took to Twitter to share the video.

No injuries were reported

Police arrived at the scene as the protesters were shouting slogans in front of barricades. A vehicle had already been parked. Another vehicle was hit by a straight-up crowd. The unexpected move left the protesters a little apprehensive. The video shows several people trying to get away and one man climbing onto the vehicle.

Protest as video emerges

Protests could be fierce

Such confrontation with protesters is likely to lead to a worse situation. The murder of George Floyd is the face of apartheid in the United States. Floyd was taken into custody on charges of giving fake currency when he bought a cigarette from a shop. Floyd, who refused to get into the police car, was suffocated and killed in the middle. Derrick Shovin, a policeman, has been charged with murder in connection with the incident.

Protesters were driving upstairs

Conflict between police and protesters

There have been tensions between police and protesters in many parts of the United States. Massive clashes have taken place in New York. More than 200 people were arrested on Sunday. The United States has the highest incidence of coronary artery cases in the world. That’s where the big protests are now.

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