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BEIJING (AP) – China’s health experts say the latest cases of covidine cases in China’s northeastern provinces of Jilin and Heilongjian are different from those in Wuhan. Health experts say the virus has been mutated in these areas and that these changes complicate efforts to eliminate the spread of the virus.

Unlike Wuhan, there is a high prevalence of the virus in patients here. Their test results were also delayed. There are also delays in manifesting the symptoms. These changes are a setback for the country’s efforts to curb expansion and reopen the economy.

However, scientists are still not fully convinced that the virus has caused genetic changes. Unlike Wuhan, it is concluded that this difference is due to the fact that doctors have more time to monitor patients.

The disease is increasingly affecting the lungs of patients in the Northeast. However, in Wuhan, patients suffered multiple organs including the heart, kidneys and intestines. People who come to Russia from Russia and get sick often exhibit different symptoms.

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