Geert Dales immediately left as chairman of 50Plus


Geert Dales, the party chairman of 50Plus, has resigned with immediate effect. He previously announced that he would stay until August 1, until a new board takes office, but “all preparations have already been completed”, Dales said.

Dales announced his departure last month, during a fierce power struggle in the party top, which was partly about Dales’ desire to become a Member of Parliament. That he wanted to stay for months to arrange the transfer and handle current affairs was a source of annoyance to his opponents. In the continuation of that argument, party leader and group leader Henk Krol, who was one of the few Dales who did not lose weight, broke with 50Plus and founded his own party.

Yesterday, Dales spoke to two of his main opponents, the current leaders of 50PLUS in the Upper and Lower Houses. According to him, what still had to be said with Martin van Rooijen and Corrie van Brenk. “It was a good conversation that opened the way for normalized contacts in the future.”

A new party chairman is elected at a digital general meeting in August. Until then, Bert Kannegieter will assume the chairmanship. On Friday evening, former politician Jan Nagel announced that he would run for the party’s presidency. That has the approval of Dales.

In a statement on the 50Plus website, Dales writes that he looks back on the chair with great satisfaction despite the annoying period.

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