Gays found Nasko from Hell’s Kitchen


Since becoming a star in “The Kitchen of Hell”, the favorite of chef Victor Angelov – Atanas Balkanski, has acquired a huge fan club, which in addition to young ladies and many men. The young chef with the appearance of a mannequin is wondering how to get rid of obscene suggestions made by members of the stronger sex.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that Nasko is one of the best looking participants in the history of Hell’s Kitchen in Bulgaria. From his first appearances on the air, he gained a solid fan base not only because of his enviable skills in the kitchen, but mainly because of his blue eyes and slender posture.

A few weeks after appearing in the show, to the horror of the 26-year-old from Plovdiv, all sorts of offers for meetings began to come to him not from young fans, but from men with preferences for their own gender, Weekend writes. They spilled over to compliment him, showering him with invitations to meetings. Some even offered money to the young man in case he showed responsiveness to their sympathies.

According to acquaintances, this increased attention was unexpected for Nasko. At the first such proposal, he was shocked because he expected everything else from his participation in the show, but not to become a favorite of the gay community in the country.

In the three months since he appeared on the air, his personal profiles on social networks have been filled with messages from tanned men not only from Bulgaria but also from abroad, say people familiar with the matter. However, he did not bother to answer them.

Shortly before entering Hell’s Kitchen, he broke up with his girlfriend Joanna, whom he met in his native Plovdiv. The girl is an engineer by education and works in a software company in the city under the hills, while Nasko before entering the show is a chef in an elite restaurant in Sofia. The distance between the two cities is enough to separate the couple.

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