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Chennai: One of the most loved movies of the movie lovers is Gautam Vasudev Menon. In 2010, director Gautham Menon, who showed another level of romance through the film, has returned to the audience after 10 years in the film, Karthikey and Jessie. The two were reunited with a short film titled ‘Karthik Dial Say’. The film, which was shot during Lockdown, was released on Wednesday by Cha Gautam Menon’s YouTube channel, Ontraka Entertainment. In the short film, the central characters of Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya (Karthik) (Simbu) and Jessie (Trisha) describe an occasion in the present life.

During the lockdown, Karthik is having trouble writing the new film. The film begins with Jessie phoning her first love. Josy and Karthik, who came to Kerala from New York, start talking about the Kovid pandemic. Slowly they talk about their romance and the current life circumstances of JC and Karthik. The director is making his way back through the 12-minute short film ‘Memoir’, a beautiful romantic comedy called ‘Vinayanandi’.

I thank all those who participated in this endeavor during the trial period. Love and hope for all. Gautham Menon shared the video of the video on Twitter. Although the short film has gone viral on social media, it has been receiving mixed reviews from critics and audiences. It reached the number one spot on YouTube trending in 12 hours and garnered over 10 lakh views. The video got 1.6 lakh likes. Location of the houses of Simbu and Trisha. The shooting was done with the help of both the family members. AR Music is composed by Vinny Thandi Varuvayak. Rahman has also composed the short film.

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