Gautam Gambhir slams former Chief Selector MSK Prasad | Gautam Gambhir criticizes former chief selector MSK Prasad



It was really shocking to see inexperienced Vijay Shankar being replaced by an experienced Ambati Rayudu in a tournament like the World Cup. It is not known why Prasad was involved in such a gamble. It was up to Prasad and his team to find the right player in the number four position. But they didn’t.

Look what happened to Rayudu. He was picked up on the team for two years. He also played number four. But Rayudu was excluded from the World Cup. Who is the third player in the World Cup squad? Prasad then said he wanted a 3D cricketer. Gambhir asks if this is a good explanation for a top selector. Gambhir said he was shocked not only by the absence of Rayudu but also by Prasad’s other decisions as chief selector.

Prasad’s response to this was this: Shikhar, Virat and Rohit are all batsmen. None of them can boll. If there is someone like Vijay Shankar, he can bat at the top and be used in bowling in the English context.


Gambhir said that the time has come for the captain and the coach to take more roles in the selection of the Indian team. The selectors must be the captain and coach. Selectmen should not interfere with the Plan XI. It should be the captain’s responsibility to see who gets on the XI. At the same time, the captain and coach have the ultimate authority to select the Plain XI. Gambhir also said that they cannot be excluded from the responsibility of selecting the team.

Prasad, meanwhile, responded by saying that the captain does not have a voting system in the selection of the team. The captain is only entitled to give his opinion in the selection discussion. But the BCCI’s constitution will not allow them to vote.


Former India captain and selector Srikanth criticized the selection committee headed by Prasad. He also pointed out that those who were on the selection committee were less experienced. It does not support or humiliate Gautam. But there is a big difference between international cricket and domestic cricket, Srikanth said.

Prasad responded that although he admits his lack of experience, it is always the case. He also said that some players may be missed in the team selection.

Gambhir, meanwhile, opined that the chairman of the selection committee must be an experienced cricketer. He should be familiar with many international cricket matches. He must have faced ups and downs in his career. Gambhir added that the more matches you play, the more you can understand the players.