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Gautam Gambhir gets into the words of the MSK Prasad with some words of war – some of the decisions at the World Cup were really shocking; Gautam Gambhir face to face with MSK Prasad


Gambhir should be a captain and coach

Former Indian cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir says the decision of the selection committee of the Indian cricket team was really shocking. Gambhir said this during a panel discussion with former chief selector MSK Prasad. Gambhir said he was shocked by the decision to include Vijay Shankar in the squad after defeating Ambati Raidu at the World Cup.

“The time has come for the captain to be the selector. Selectors should be the captain and coach. The selectors have no role in determining the Plain XI. It is the responsibility of the captain of the Plain Eleven. At the same time, the captain and the coach must have the right to vote in the election. ” Gambhir said.

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MSK Prasad’s reply was that the Indian Cricket Act only gives the captain the right to comment on the selection. “It is possible to comment on the selection process. There is no doubt of it. But, as per our rules, he has no votes, ”Prasad said.

It was shocking that Vijay Shankar was included in the World Cup squad to replace Ambati Raidu. Gambhir alleged that he had to find someone at number four but they could not. Gambhir said he had to choose Ambati Raidu for two years and play at number four. He should be approached as a 3-D in this regard, he added.

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However, Prasad’s reply was that Vijay Shankar was chosen because of his bowling option. Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are not bowlers. Prasad said he hoped to bat in the top order and bat in English conditions.
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