Galya shared very harsh words about the disintegration of “Charisma” and the betrayal of Miro


Within the musical format “Like two drops of water” Galina Kurdova and Miroslav Kostadinov, who broke through in the past as “Charisma”, gathered on one stage for the first time since the disbandment of their duo. There, they re-emerged as a duet and their fans’ hopes were rekindled that they would start working together again and make hits such as “I risk having you”, “You’re going through me” and “How much I miss you”.

Alas, Miro scorched these swollen hopes among fans, as well as in Galya herself. He does not want to renew the past, which slightly saddens Galya. she admits that Miro gives her strength on stage and without her she doesn’t feel so confident. See on what scandalous confessions Galya made about the disintegration of “Charisma” and why she decided to leave Bulgaria.

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