Gadzhev: Levski exists because of the fans


Vladimir Gadzhev played for Levski from 2008 to 2016. The midfielder also wore the captain’s armband during this period. He commented on what is happening with the “blues” in front of the Bulgarian National Radio.

“I have always followed the situation in Levski. Unfortunately, in recent months Levski has found itself in a very complicated situation. I hope that things will return to normal. Many Levski players have expressed their support for Nasko Sirakov and everyone believes that he can help the club. There were problems in my time too. When you love Levski, you can always make a compromise. Many Bulgarian footballers I believe have made this compromise in the name of Levski. I can’t say the same for foreigners. Many of them are here because of The most important thing is for Levski to stabilize and get back on its feet.

The supporters help a lot for the maintenance of the club. However, the club’s budget is quite high, but the amounts provided by the fans will not be enough to support Levski. Levski can win the Bulgarian Cup, but it is far more important for the club to stabilize. Levski exists thanks to its fans, but I wish this whole crisis and unpleasant situation to end faster and more successfully for Levski, “said Vladimir Gadzhev.

Georgi Petkov: Mr. Sirakov is a unique specialist in his field

“He wants everyone to give away absolutely every day, in every game, in every workout.”

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