G-7 summit postponed; Trump plans to invite India Trump postpones G7 summit | plans to invite India | Russia | South Korea


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has called off the G-7 summit to be held in late June. Trump also announced plans to expand the invitee list to include India, Australia, South Korea and Russia.

Trump was speaking to reporters on Air Force One as he was returning to Washington from Cape Canavera, Florida. Trump said the G-7 in its current format is a bunch of outdated countries.

“As a G-7, I postpone this because I don’t think it represents the right thing to do in the world,” Trump said.

Trump’s decision is a dramatic turning point. Trump has postponed the summit dramatically as Washington sought to host large industrialized nations in the wake of the Corona pestilence and the return of the US to normalcy.

The G7 is comprised of the US, Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she has rejected Trump’s invitation to attend the summit.

Content Highlights: Trump postpones G7 summit, plans to invite India, Russia, South Korea, Australia

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