Fukruvin’s Reaction Against Argyle; Audiences are wondering if the YouTuber Aunt Elena


Trends on social media are activated by discussions. The current trend is with roasting and reaction. The star of the new videos is Tic Tac, a newcomer to social media. Arjun has grown rapidly by criticizing the inherent style of Tic Tac videos.

Arjun, who shared videos on YouTube channel in the form of trolls, has quickly become a notable figure. The YouTube channel is called Arj You. Arjun’s YouTube channel, which has been trolling videos including Tic Tac, has gained over one million subscribers in a matter of days. It has reached two million soon.

Despite all this, those who love Tic Tac Toe cannot contain Arjun’s criticisms. Tic-Tac-lovers and a bunch of people are constantly reiterating that class, racial abuse, and wild shootings are not right, even if they involve spontaneous criticism and trolls. Fukrul is among the top five.

Fukru, the victim of Arjun’s roasting, had already come up with a reply. But Fukrou’s video was met with an attack by Argyle fans. Fukru is now back with these comments. The next step, Fukruv’s video with Roasting and Troll, got 54K likes so far and 141K people have disliked it. But for Fukrou, it is the record.

In the meantime another suspicion of the audience becomes noticeable. Many in the audience are asking if Elena is the one who introduced Fukru as a Younger Anti in the new video. The two were good friends at Bigg Boss. Audiences commented that Elena has now come to help Fukrou in the roasting.

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