From Yemen to Prithviraj; Malayalees participating in rescue mission | Saju Kuruvila


Saju Kuruvila, a Malayalee, is an active participant in the rescue mission of the deported people during the Kovid era. Air India cabin supervisor Saju is delighted to have brought so many people to the country, including actor Prithviraj.

Director Blessy and actor Prithiraj

Saju has also made a personal mark in music. Saju Kuruvila’s rescue mission began in 2015 when Indians joined the country from Yemen, which was devastated by the civil war. Dedicated work on a mission to combat a pandemic five years later.


This Malayalee was the cabin supervisor of Air India, who repatriated Germans stranded in India on lockdown. The actor was also involved in the deportation of Prithviraj and his band from Jordan. Air India employees including Saju who successfully completed the Yemeni mission were commended by the central government.

English Summary: Air India Cabin Crew Saju Kuruvila Shares Evacuation Of His Experience

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