From there Prithviraj downwards: M tells the story of the accident. Renjith


Producer Rajput Ranjith tells the story of Prithviraj’s accident during the shooting of the movie ‘Makeupman’. Ranjith recalled that Prithviraj fell and injured his leg during the shooting but he asked the director and himself to continue shooting despite the injury.

That was an experience I will never forget. The final parts of the film and a song sequence are being filmed. The shooting happened at night. There is a fountain in front of Ramoji Rao Film City. It is a very narrow area where Raju fell down while dancing. Her feet were lying on the floor, unable to move. We were all lifted up. Raju refused to shoot, but refused. Prithviraj said that there is only a little more parsonage, but after that, it will be done. Even though we are all told there is no risk, Prithvi does not.

After that scene Raju’s part was over. He has no date. We insisted the shoot was just that. Raju then said, “I cannot act tomorrow for any reason. Sometimes I cannot act for a few days.” It takes time for the foot to be ready. Prithviraj said, “No, we can take it now.” That is the scene.

The next day Prithvi’s leg was swollen and he could not move his leg for a few days. Luckily there were no fractures. As an artist, Prithviraj is a man who knows how much even small things can make a film worth it. Prithviraj is a sensitive and loving young man. An actor who is so fair to the producer. Young people need to learn. Though many say that he is a disbeliever and an ex-cop, I would say that Prithviraj is a good man.

Shafi’s Make-up starring Jayaram and Sheila Kaur in the lead roles were the guests.

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