From Kovid China itself, we are not happy about this: Trump | Covid19 | China


Washington: Kovid is from China. US President Donald Trump says we are not happy about this because China is behind Covid. “The deal we signed has not begun. Before that came Covid. We do not intend to look at this lightly, ‘Trump said.

He was speaking at a seminar with African American leaders in Michigan. Senator Ted Cruz said Communist China was the cause of the Kovid pandemic and that their lies and propaganda caused the lives of so many Americans.

Trump had previously criticized China’s inability to control Corona. At the White House conference on Kovid, a Chinese journalist was reportedly involved in racist behavior.

Responding to a query by CBS News’ White House correspondent Weija Jiang, the controversy has been raised. Kovid affects more than 1.6 million people in the United States. Over 94,000 people died of Kovid.

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