From June 1 in Greece lower prices for ferry and plane


Tourist attractions in Athens are already open. PHOTO: Reuters

From June 1, Greece lowers transport prices. The measure will be valid for 5 months during the summer and the tourist season.

The drop in ticket prices is due to the reduced VAT from 24 to 13%, which means cheaper tickets for trains, planes, ferries, city and intercity buses, BNR reported. For example, for a plane ticket Athens – Crete and vice versa, which previously cost 123 euros, the new price is 112 euros. The ferry ticket to Crete drops from 54 euros to 48 euros. The ticket for public transport from 1.40 euros becomes 1.20. The highway toltaxes will not increase either.

Despite the early opening of beaches and hotels and measures taken by the government to promote tourism, Greek tour operators expect a 70% drop in the sector. Last year the country was visited by 34 million people, and this year no more than 7-8 million are expected. Greece is among the European countries with the best indicators in controlling the pandemic – for the last 24 hours only 3 have been reported infected.

In Romania, a free test for coronavirus has started in the capital Bucharest, Gundul newspaper writes. 11,000 citizens of Sofia will be checked, and those interested can register on a specially created online platform. The money for the tests will be transferred directly by the mayor’s office to the public and private laboratories involved in the project. Free protective masks will be provided to 2.3 million Romanians from vulnerable social groups.

Serbia opened its borders on Friday, and the country can be entered without a test and a 14-day quarantine. All entrants will be given warnings that the virus is still circulating in its territory, and protection recommendations will be given.

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