From 1 June, everyone in the Netherlands can be tested for the coronavirus


The turnaround in Dutch test policy will start next week: where only specific groups such as healthcare staff and teachers are currently being tested, this option will be available to everyone on 1 June.

It means that anyone with corona-like complaints can report from the end of next week. An appointment with the GGD must be made via a special telephone number that will be distributed via a public campaign next week.

“The first tests will be taken on June 1, Whit Monday,” Sjaak de Gouw, GGD director and portfolio holder infectious disease control against the NIS.

The Ministry of Health said it wanted to start testing everyone with complaints as early as June. The aim was June 1. That start date has therefore been reached, says the GGD director.

Determine whether test makes sense

Whether you really need such a test, you will determine yourself. With even the slightest complaints of a cold or fever you can go to the GGD for a test. “There is no doctor involved and there is no one to stop you,” says De Gouw. The results of the test follow 24 hours after administration.

He emphasizes that a test must make sense. “So it makes no sense to come if you don’t have a single complaint, or if you have complaints that have nothing to do with a cold.”

Everyone has to decide for himself whether coughing or sneezing is enough to be tested, says a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. “Everyone should consult themselves with the question: are these complaints that fit covid-19? If so, then you can be tested.”

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