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The French-speaking Christian servant union CNE and the socialist union have submitted a notice to take action in the stores of the H&M chain. Staff are opposed to the reopening of the dressing rooms, as the impact of the opening of non-essential stores on the evolution of Covid-19 is unknown.

The CNE supports work stoppages from employees “who don’t feel safe in a store when the booths are open or overwhelmed,” said the clerk.

Experience in other places has shown that the boxes “do not have any positive financial impact at the moment,” staff representatives said. “Colleagues are overwhelmed, queues are forming and numerous garments are being fitted between the racks,” it says.

“We already have numerous new health procedures to follow that exhaust and stress colleagues,” said the staff representatives. They also point to the lack of products to disinfect the booths.

The clerk wants the customers to be able to receive or buy masks at a low price to better protect staff. The CNE also wants management to launch a campaign to encourage customers to wear a mask.

The Christian clerk also denounces a lack of consultation and demands negotiations to limit the impact of the crisis on workers.

The French-speaking socialist clerical association Setca submitted an action statement on 20 May. “We can only use one in two changing rooms and we have to disinfect them after every customer. The queues are threatening to fill the entire store, ”it says there. “It will be difficult to apply the 30-minute rule and have social distancing respected.”

Both unions are asking for consultation.

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