Frankly in pop folk! Fiki spat out the pebble, here’s what he admitted …


Fiki Storaro is the big winner in the eighth season of the imitation show “Like two drops of water”. By participating in the show, the artist managed to do something very valuable, namely – to turn people’s minds, even the most critical and rigid. He proved that no matter what genre he is in, a truly talented person can do anything.

Fiki admits that he is still excited about winning “Like Two Drops of Water”. “The excitement is still there, but everything is fine, I’m calm,” said the pop-folk singer, writes. He also revealed that he will not give up popfolk, as many people advised him while he was part of “Drops”.

“I will not give up popfolk, this is an area in which I have lived and earned my living there for years. I’m sure you can combine things and make music in different genres, “said Fiki. “And yes, I’m already working on something that I hope will be ready soon. There will be a very big star with a contribution to the song and it will be a big surprise for the audience, “he added.

The pop-folk singer also says that in his car he listens to his favorite singer – Stevie Wonder or instrumental music, because “it develops hearing”. “Also choral music, I listen to a lot of music,” Fiki added. He also admits that he wants to see Stevie Wonder on the same stage, not with anyone. The pop-folk singer dreams of going to a Wonder concert. “I’m waiting for my wife to surprise me with a ticket for a Stevie Wonder concert,” Fiki said, smiling.

Personal life
The pop-folk singer opens the curtain around his personal life as well. He says he puts a lot of effort into spending enough time with his son. “I try to spend enough time with him and my wife,” says the artist. “What we want to teach him – as many people say – to be a person of value, but in the end is not this the most important thing to teach your child. He is only two years old and so far we are trying to give him the love he needs, “he added.

Fiki makes no secret of the fact that his son will be happy to become a musician or do art. “My son is still young, as I said, but I also want him to become a musician. He may not be a musician, but I definitely want him to focus on art. “People of art are touched by God,” Fiki said.

The pop-folk singer admits that he never had any doubts about his son’s name, and that he is now ready to become a father for the second time. “I always wanted my first child to be a boy. And I’m happy that happened. We did not hesitate about the name, we had decided to name it after my father. In our family we follow this tradition “, shares Fiki. “I already want to have a girl, but there is time,” he added.

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