France: Twitter is welcome if it wants to leave the United States


Twitter would be welcome to move to France if the social media platform encounters an unfavorable work environment in the United States, French Digital Minister Cedric O said in an interview with Radio J on Sunday, Bloomberg reported.

“If Twitter at one point felt that circumstances in the United States no longer allowed the company to grow according to its values ​​and continue to grow, and if there was a lot of instability for various reasons, the company would obviously be welcome in Europe, and especially in France, “the minister said.

Trump accused social media of censoring and interfering in the election and threatened to suspend her service.

The French digital minister said he had no contact with Twitter, although he said France would be “extremely happy” to welcome the company.

Twitter, which this week won the wrath of US President Donald Trump after adding a fact-checking warning icon to his post for the first time, later posted a violation icon on one of his messages, including the phrase “when the thefts begin, and the shooting begins. ”

Over the weekend, Trump signed an order aimed at removing some of the legal protections enjoyed by social media platforms.

The order allows regulators to take legal action against companies such as Facebook and Twitter over their content policies on their platforms.

While signing the order, Trump accused the platforms of having “unverified power.”

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