Founder Jan Nagel (80) wants to become chairman of 50Plus


Former politician Jan Nagel has applied for the chairmanship of the 50Plus party just before the deadline. He said that in the current affairs program On 1.

The current chairman Geert Dales and the party board will step down soon after internal conflicts within the elderly party. Dales recently called on 80-year-old Nagel to take on the role of chairman because there would be too little experience in the party due to the administrative crisis. After long doubts, Nagel has decided to respond to this now.

At Op1 Nagel said that he had to think about it for a long time and discussed it extensively with his wife and children. “I am reluctant to do it for nine months, but for the sake of the party and that it is my ideal to stand up for the interests of the elderly, I have said: I am going to do it.”

Nagel is one of seven candidates for party chairmanship. He was one of the founders of 50Plus, political leader and party chairman. He also served in the Senate from 2011 to 2019.

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