Former UFC champion challenged Mike Tyson


Former UFC welterweight champion Tito Ortiz has challenged heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, who recently announced that he is returning to the ring to compete in charity matches in several rounds.

“Legend versus legend of Pei First View! When do we do it? Just so you know, I was called in for this fight. If someone calls you and says, ‘Are you going to fight Mike?’, I say ‘YES!’ Tito Ortiz on social networks. He has a record of 21-12-1 in MMA, and 10 of his victories are by knockout. Now the 45-year-old American has decided to try against one of the greatest greats in the ring.

At the end of 2018, Ortiz had a rematch with 50-year-old Chuck Liddell and is in a series of 3 consecutive victories in MMA, most recently challenging former WWE world champion Alberto Del Rio at the end of last year.


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