Former Prime Minister says how shares of Levski can be transferred – BG Football – efbet League


The lawyer and former MP Ognyan Gerdjikov explained what needs to happen in order for Levski’s shares to be transferred. This morning, the former financial benefactor of the “blues” – Vasil Bozhkov announced that he would transfer the securities to Nasko Sirakov.

“Shares or temporary certificates can be transferred by any known means of transfer. However, in the case of shares in particular, a combined method, a contract and then the endorsement as a legal remedy are most often used. There is no obstacle and only the endorsement, although as A rare hypothesis is possible, but it is very important that the endorsement is on the back of the security, something that I did not know at first that was not the case, and I spoke without knowing the facts, but now things are clear to me after seeing the so-called endorsement of a separate document, which has absolutely no value.

If the holder of the shares, respectively the temporary certificate, wants to transfer them, let him be so kind as to do it on the back of the security, or if there they have filled the endorsement of the so-called allonge, and does not give the document. And the one who is the last guarantor, who is the owner, must transfer to whomever he sees fit. As I understand it, it will probably be Nasko Sirakov, “he said in an interview with bTV.

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