Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan Kovid


Mumbai: .

Maharashtra Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan Kovid. Ashok Chavan is the second minister from Maharashtra to be affected by Kovid. Chavan is the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He was given a Kovid test yesterday. She was shifted to a private hospital in Mumbai. Kovid had already confirmed to the driver of his vehicle. It is believed that Chavan got Kovid from him.

Meanwhile, the number of Kovid patients in Maharashtra has crossed one million mark. Today, 3041 people have been diagnosed with the disease. This is the first time the number of patients has crossed 3,000. This brings the total number of patients to 50231. The death toll so far has reached 1635, with 58 deaths today. The number of sick patients in Mumbai has crossed thirty thousand. With this, the number of sick people has reached 14,600.

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