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Former Ludogorets striker and current Watford defender Christian Cabacele responded ironically to criticism against the “hornets” after yesterday’s news that two new players of the team have been quarantined due to contact with infected with coronavirus.

The defender’s reaction was provoked by the following comment from a Twitter user: “I have never had an opinion about Watford before, but they behave contemptuously during this situation. The tactics taken in an attempt to avoid relegation are ridiculously transparent. to be ashamed if I were a Watford fan. ”

“Let me explain our tactics: we give ourselves one injection of COVID-19 per week. We draw the player or employee who receives it by lot. In this way we make sure that we will not play again and that we will avoid relegation,” was the ironic answer. of Cabasel.

In addition to the two players in question, there is another player at Watford – Adrian Mariapa, and two employees who are in isolation due to positive results for the virus. The team is 17th in the Premier League standings and if the season is not over, it would be saved from relegation from the English elite.

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