“Foreign relations” in the Iraqi parliament: Saudi Arabia can do much for our country


Representative Muthanna Amin, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament, stated that Saudi Arabia is a country of great importance and importance in the region and it is a large and rich country that can do a lot for Iraq.

This came in an interview made by Amin to “Alsumaria News”, today, Friday, in which he explained that the visit of Finance Minister Ali Allawi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is part of the file of strengthening Iraq’s relations with neighboring countries.

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The Iraqi Minister of Finance in Saudi Arabia … and the Iranian Vice President is calling Al-Kazemi

Amin continued: “There are many crises that Iraq is going through at all levels, such as the economic crisis, the oil crisis and the Corona epidemic, in addition to the renewed attacks of some ISIS terrorist cells, not to mention the political crises that stormed the country and made it in an administrative vacuum,” noting that “the government started Recovering little by little, and the issue of strengthening relations with Iraq’s neighbors is important and necessary at this stage. ”

Amin added, “Saudi Arabia is directly related to the issue of low oil prices globally, therefore, movement on it to discuss the oil file is a necessary thing,” pointing out that “there are many other important files and we do not know whether they will be presented or not, during the visit of the Minister of Finance to Saudi Arabia.” As an issue of gas and electricity supplies, as a substitute for supplies coming from Iran as a result of American pressure, it is possible to provide us with better prices on the issue of importing gas and electricity. “

It should be mentioned that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had sent Finance Minister Ali Allawi to Saudi Arabia to discuss a number of files. According to official reports, Allawi will discuss in Saudi Arabia bilateral relations and economic conditions in the region and encourage investment.

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