For this reason you should avoid drinking water after eating fruits


The diet of the human body needs different fruits and vegetables of all kinds thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

According to the magazine “Miss Keira”, the body’s use of the properties of fruits requires that you do not drink water immediately after eating fruits, for the following reasons:

High blood sugar level

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Drinking water immediately after eating fruits contributes to indigestion, which in turn leads to high levels of blood sugar and insulin levels, and in the long term it enhances the risk of diabetes and obesity.


Drinking water immediately after eating fruits can hinder the work of digestive juices and enzymes, leading to severe acidity and heartburn.



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Drinking water immediately after eating any fruit can cause indigestion or acid reflux, as well as slow the complete absorption of the fruit elements.

Stomach cramps

A mixture of fructose and yeast is formed as a result of mixing fruits with water, which can cause severe cramps in the stomach and the formation of gases inside it as well, which contributes to aggravating the pain if the matter is not dealt with immediately.

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