For the first time, China did not report new coronavirus infections


Beijing. For the first time since January, Chinese authorities have not reported a single case of coronavirus infection in the mainland in the past 24 hours, as well as no new deaths, the State Committee for Hygiene and Health of China said. TACC

According to the Committee, 79 patients with the virus are still in hospitals, three of whom have been discharged in the last 24 hours. Only nine people are in intensive care units. The total number of infected people arriving from abroad is 1711, of which 1670 have already recovered. The number of people infected with coronavirus from other countries has recently been insignificant, as the border is almost completely closed to foreigners.

According to statistics, 94.3% of those infected were cured in the mainland of the PRC. The number of infected since December 2019 exceeded 82.9 thousand. As of April 15, there are no official deaths in the country (except for the cases added as a result of adjusting the statistics), the mortality from COVID-19 is 5.58% (deaths are 4.6 thousand people))

There are no regions in mainland China where the number of infected exceeds 30. In the first place in terms of the number of infected is Jilin Province, where 24 people are treated. On the territory of 19 out of 31 administrative units there are no infected at all, in the rest – from one to about 20.

Translation and editing: Julian Markov

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