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After singing the ikebana, the naughty gathering of twigs in the forest and other similar life-threatening problems of our complex modernity, the pop icon Deyan Nedelchev today released a song dedicated to none other than “our Bulgarian Moses”, Prime Minister Borissov, announced the site .

The song, decided in the style of infantile Eurodisco, is at a fast pace of about 160-162 beats. The key is in F major, chosen obviously for the convenience of the singer.

The classical beat, with added sounds of analog arpeggiators, precedes the percussion start of the canto, in which the lyrical hero sings the first verse of the song:

I have a wonderful homeland
With gerbera -a whole garden!
The sun does not set here,
Why? It’s called Boyko!
He is a charismatic man.

Cute, athletic!
Romantic, sarcastic!
Most loved by the people!
Boyko is the most personal politician
And he is an excellent diplomat!
Artistic, practical and decent!
I love the people the most!

The dramatic construction of the verse is impressive – in the beginning the pulsation does not include the percussion instruments. After the first verse, however, there is a transition in which the singer and the percussion section of the programming enter into a kind of expressive race.
In this race, at this early stage of the song, Deyan Nedelchev managed to reach the respectable height – the ton of salt of the second octave. As if caused by the ecstatic sweet pain causing the name of Prime Minister Borissov in the lyrical hero.

The development of the song follows – something like a rondo – a sonata form, in which the ostinato accumulation and the gradual dramaturgical gradation of the musical and textual texture create the premonition of a culmination.
The text itself is graded and grows from a simple narrative into an ode, walking on the edge of the Alexandrian stanzas and cantata-oratorical techniques of the late polyphonic school.

I have a wonderful country
Heaven continues with her,
A new page in our history,
Borisov himself opened it!
Menche, geranium, holy water,
Dozens of cameras in a slender line.
And journalists are the best
From a hundred independent media.
Ribbon, scissors, euphoria again,
Boyko is writing a new story!
Today we have top news,
We open a highway, another one!
I have a wonderful country,
Prosperity here continues!
Luck in it has found us now,
With the greatest of all prime ministers!

The finale of the song is a kind of apotheosis. In it, the lyrical hero addresses all of us, reminding us of the harsh truth about Boyko Borissov.

With this apotheosis, reminiscent in pathos and grandeur of Wagner’s early works, Deyan Nedelchev manages to recreate with the expressive means of modern pop sound the feeling of a hymn in praise of the only one who deserves it – our leader, the new Moses:

Misery knocks at the door,
Or Europe is waving a finger at us,
Borissov is always there
Bare breasts face problems!
Borisov is like first love!
He is always ready for a new intrigue!
That’s why you love to chase him,
Most of the tanks with the Microphones!
A man on the spot has always been,
Abundantly sprays sex appeal!
For him the people sing songs!
Our Bulgarian Moses!

The video is decided in the modern style of the modern, well-groomed metrosexual man, who would not dedicate himself to reading the Istanbul Convention alongside the second volume of Vinetu.
In it, Mr. Nedelchev sometimes naughtily ruffles his hair, sometimes winks at someone, sometimes gives interviews and cuts tapes, you move slightly with your backs against the background of the rising sun with the face of General Borisov.

The song already has about 5,000 views on social networks, but after consulting with the entire team of OFFNews we came to the conclusion that the potential of this hit is huge!

And now we wish you a pleasant listening !!! You can watch the song here

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