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Kerala Police can hit the net again! Goalkeeper KT Chacko, Super Defender U Sharafali and Wing Back Baburajan retired from service on May 30. After 36 years of service, he served as Commandant of RRF (Rapid Response and Rescue Force) at Kottakkal, Malappuram. KT Chacko, who entered the service as Haveliadar, is retiring from the KAP Fifth Battalion (Kuttikkanam) after 33 years of service. Baburajan Kannur KAP Four Asst. And the Commander.

Police search for Sharafali …

Sharafali joined the Kerala Police in 1984. Trainer AM Sreedharan and manager Abdul Kareem announced the selection at Sharafali’s residence at Therakkam, Areekode, Malappuram. It was a time when the Kerala police team went from house to house in search of talent. When Sreedharan and his team reached Thettamammal, Sharafali had gone for the pre-degree exam. Sharafali could not see them.

Sharafali Trials….

Sharafali was out of the exam hall and the team was up for grabs. When Sharafali returned home two and three days later, the police received a letter from Coach Sreedharan. Directly to Trivandrum. There, Sharafali became a police officer, participating in police trials.

Indian captain Sharafali …

It is not easy to break the wall of the sheriff in the defensive line. The Defender’s reputation for beautifully executing interception and reengineering is not limited to Kerala. From 1985 to 1995, Indian jerseys saw their excellence. A member of the SAFF-winning team, Sharafali was India’s captain in the 1993 Super Soccer Cup. Sharafali won the SAF Cup to the Federation Cup winner’s medal.

Santosh Trophy

Sharafali played Santhosh Trophy for Kerala for ten years and also played for Santosh Trophy for Bengal. When Kerala won the Santosh Trophy in 1992 and 1993, Sharafali was a big part of the team.

Police leave Kolkata

It was while he was shining in the police squad that the clubs of Kolkata were in awe. Sharafali, who played for Mohammedan and Mohan Bagan, also went on to play the Santosh Trophy for Bengal.

That team is still …

That elite of Kerala Police is renewing their relationship through WhatsApp Group. Sharafali refuses to make the final whistle on friendships. Football talks are held daily. The arrival of the ISL and the dullness of the Santosh Trophy are a matter of debate.

In the time of the pestilence ….

As the day approaches for retirement, Sharafali Kovid has been busy leading 19 defensive operations. Sharafali, who was the commander of the Rapid Response Rescue Force at Kottakkal, also had an additional command of the KAP Battalion at Palakkad.

KT Chacko …

KT Chacko joined the Kerala Police in 1987. Made it to MG University’s goal during his pre-degree at SB College, Changanacherry. KT Chacko hailing from Pathanamthitta Thiruvalla Othara has become the brand name of Goalkeeping. He played the Santosh Trophy with Kerala team for eight consecutive years.

The Indian Wala Katha Chacko …

He has been a regular goalkeeper for the Indian team for four years since 1991.
He was instrumental in the success of the Thrissur Federation Cup in 1990 and captained the team in Kannur in 1991 when he won the Federation Cup. Chack was named captain after VP Sathyan was injured.

The experience of playing together….

Those who retired from service on the same day have many memories of playing together. Sharafali and Chacko have been in the police team since 1987. The players who played together in the Santosh Trophy have also played in Indian jerseys. It was in the Nehru Cup in Thiruvananthapuram and the President’s Cup in Sri Lanka. When Chacko’s Kerala Police team raised the Federation Cup in Kannur, Sharafali and Baburajan were part of the team. Baburajan, a 1987 batch, has played the Santosh Trophy for Kerala twice.

They too have police shirts …

When Superstar CV Pappachan stepped down from the police during the lockdown, Kerala’s legendary hero Kurikesh Mathew retired from service last year.

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