Food served in violation of lockdown; Indian Coffee House Closed | Indian Coffee House


Allegations of violating lockdown at Indian Coffee House near Kozhikode Eye Corporation office The coffee house was shut down by police. It is also a corporate canteen where many employees come to eat. Officials said the meals were served only to employees of the corporation yesterday afternoon.

But nearby hoteliers complained that many people, including outsiders, ate here. The police then took statements from the employees and those who had come to eat. Then the establishment closed. Police arrived at the scene of a complaint lodged by neighbors after they noticed four people sitting around a table.

Parcel delivery is only allowed in hotels as there is a lockdown. There are several hotels near the coffee house. All these are issued by the parcel only. The town police said a case will be filed against the coffee house manager.

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Indian Coffee House in Lockdown Violation, Kozhikode

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