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Private individuals with damage on their property due to illegal dumping of drug waste will be reimbursed 100 percent instead of half thanks to a new scheme. As a co-government of the State, municipalities maintain a 50 percent compensation for the financial damage caused by the disposal of drug waste dumping. The new subsidy scheme has an annual budget of 1 million euros up to and including 2024. Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security writes this in a letter to the House of Representatives today.

The new regulation was drawn up in consultation with the Interprovincial Consultation (IPO) and the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). The provinces have proposed to arrange the subsidy scheme centrally through them in June 2020. The provinces will communicate about the central desk on their websites with a link to information about the subsidies and the application form. As long as this central office is not yet operational this year, the province of North Brabant will process subsidy requests for the whole of the Netherlands during the transition phase in 2020.
Since 2015, both private individuals and decentralized governments have been compensated through co-financing for up to 50 percent of the cost of clearing drug waste dumpings. The new scheme replaces this old provision, which was partly funded from a one-off amount of 3 million euros from the budget of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The province of Noord-Brabant already had a coordinating and facilitating role under this old regulation.
“Drug waste dumping is a clear example of how harmful and debilitating drug crime is for our society. Our living environment, nature and environment are endangered by ruthless criminals who are only after maximum financial profit. In addition to the compensation scheme for duped landowners, we are that is why we are fully committed to tackling drug production and we are making it more difficult for synthetic drug producers to produce their illegal goods in the Netherlands. ” said Minister Grapperhaus. Before the summer, the minister will inform the House of Representatives about the further elaboration of the broad offensive against subversive crime.

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