Flood warning in Oman; The rain and the wind are strong; Oman Navy Ship At Salalah – Jaihind TV


Muscat: An acute minority epidemic is concentrating between Zadak and Salalah in the Dofar governorate, the Chronology Observatory said. It is likely to move west in the coming hours. Heavy rains and storms will continue.

According to the Civil Aviation General Authority, the alert issued by the Civil Aviation Department predicts that up to 200 mm of rain is expected in the next 24 hours. Winds can reach speeds of up to 46 km / h. The plaintiffs are overflowing. People should be alert to floods in low lying areas. Al-Wus Tha Governorate is also likely to have isolated rains. According to the report, Dofar, Al-Wuz-ta and Sharqiya governorates are likely to be the sea turbulence. Traffic was blocked on several roads as the protesters were overflowing. Royal Oman Police said traffic on both sides of the Tumraith-Al Musa Una Freezone Road was disrupted. The Taqee Valley asked the people of the coast to move to safer places. The overflowing plaintiff also ordered the evacuation of the premises. Traffic on the Salalah-Taqa road has been delayed due to flooding in the Al Maa Moora Tunnel. There were reports of landslides on the Haziq-Shuaimai road and rocks falling on the road. In low-lying areas, water washes and vehicles were washed away. Many houses and shops were flooded in Sada. The video of the dumping of water along major roads has been circulating on social media.
Heavy rains were experienced in the city and surrounding areas from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Residents said the rain was getting stronger by the evening. Two deaths have been reported so far. Both are natives. They were flooded with Ain Rasam. The Royal Oman Navy’s fleet has been brought to Salalah for rescue purposes.

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