First US manned space flight launched since 2011 … video


The Falcon-9 rocket carrying the Crow Dragon, with two astronauts on board, was launched.

The first stage successfully detached from the missile.

The second attempt was launched, and the launch was initially scheduled for 27 May, but was canceled due to bad weather.

It is noteworthy that this is the first US manned space flight since 2011, and since then NASA astronauts have traveled aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The first space flight for a private company with people on board, as the mission is critical to the future of manned flights and NASA’s strategy to work with private companies.

The US astronaut Bob Pinkin and Doug Hurley are on board.

The ship must dock to the International Space Station on Sunday. The date for the return of the astronauts to Earth has not yet been decided.

NASA is cooperating on manned flights with SpaceX and Boeing, each of which created and tested their own spacecraft in an unmanned position.

The launch is another achievement of his company’s reusable missiles and aims to make spaceflight more frequent and less expensive. It will be the first time that Americans have been moved into orbit using commercial space vehicles owned and operated by a private company, not NASA.

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