First delivery of 1.5 million mouth masks from controversial le …


A first delivery of masks by the Luxembourg company Avrox is expected in Brussels on Sunday. Avrox is one of the two companies that have been selected by Defense for the supply of mouth masks. In the case of Avrox, there are 15 million, of which 1.5 million would arrive on Sunday. The distribution is not yet immediate.

The masks are stored in Peutie. The intention is that all masks are distributed at the same time, Defense Minister Philippe Goffin (MR) explained on Sunday on the French-language channel RTL-TVi. “We are talking to the pharmacies about the distribution. If all goes well, we can aim for a simultaneous distribution from 9 June. ”

The minister notes that an initial delivery has been delayed. This is contractually compensated for damages, which reduces the cost price for the government.

Many questions

The media recently raised questions with young Jordanian businessman Hamzeh Talhouni, one of the directors of Avrox. Minister Goffin emphasizes that the tender was made according to the rules of the art. “I am neither Avrox’s lawyer nor attorney. I’m talking about the Defense tender. We apply public procurement rules, which include that the company or its directors must not have a criminal record. ”

According to The last news Talhouni is a shareholder in Jordanian bank Cairo Amman, accused by Israel of financing terrorism by managing the accounts of former Palestinian prisoners convicted of attacks.

“I made inquiries to find out more about it,” said the minister. However, he calls for caution with sometimes partial information circulating. “This bank is respected in Jordan, for example,” said Goffin. For example, it is part of the Paypal network.

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