Fire and screams all around. Zubair escapes Pakistani plane crash PIA | The survivor recalls


KARACHI: When the plane crashed, a fire was burning around it. Mohammed Zubair, who miraculously escaped the Pakistan plane crash, said he had heard the cries of children and adults aloud. At least 97 people, including passengers and crew, were killed and only two survived.

“I realized this when the plane crashed. I was surrounded by fire. I could not see anyone else. But we heard the weeping of children and adults. They were all trying to escape. Then I untied the seat belt and tried to walk to the side where it had some light. Mohammed Zubair, 24, says in a video he shared on his hospital bed.

Video footage of Zubair’s miraculous escape has now gone viral on social media. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said Zubair sustained minor injuries but was not serious. The airline has identified the other person who escaped the accident is Bank of Punjab President Zafar Masood.

The 19 victims have been identified so far. DNA tests are in progress to find the rest. Residents and rescue workers, however, could not escape the shock of the deaths of 97 people.

Eyewitnesses who arrived at the rescue said they saw a man hanging from the plane’s emergency exit window pleading for rescue.

Many were wearing seatbelts while trying to remove the bodies of the victims, ”said firefighter Sarfraz Ahmed.

Pakistan International Airlines’ A320 aircraft crashed in a crowded area near Karachi airport on Friday afternoon. Pakistani troops said they had begun a helicopter to assess the damage to the area.

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