Fire all around, screams of children, walking to the light; The miraculous escape


Islamabad could see only fire and smoke all around. Crying could be heard from everywhere; For babies and adults. The fire was ahead. Couldn’t see anyone. Only the cry was heard. He released the seat belt and walked to where the light was. What’s the point of getting to a safe place after jumping 10 feet? The second survivor is Zafar Masood, President of the Bank of Punjab. God is merciful. He responded to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah with a grateful note.

At least 97 people were killed when a plane crashed into a civilian center in Pakistan, officials said. However, it is unclear whether anyone in the building died when the plane crashed.

Muhammad Zubair, who escaped from Karachi Civil Hospital, is under treatment. Zubair said the pilot attempted to land a second time, 10 minutes after the first attempt failed. The pilot notified the passengers. Just before reaching the runway, the plane caught fire and crashed into the civilian center. Shakil Ahmed, an eyewitness, said the plane crashed into a house after hitting a mobile tower.

The pilot control room was informed that both engines were defunct. The control room was informed that both runways were vacant. But later she returned the message ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday’. Soon after, the plane crashed.

Mayday telephone message in danger

മേ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘? The Mayday message was first introduced by Frederick Stanley Mockford, a senior radio officer at Croydon Airport in London in 1921. The effort was to find a word that could be used in the hazard and quickly understood by pilots. At that time the largest airline was flying from Croydon to Paris. This is why Federici suggested the word ‘mayday’ in French, meaning ‘help me’. This is an abbreviation of the word “come and save me. It has nothing to do with Labor Day.”

English Summary: Pakistan plane crash survivor: ‘All I could see was smoke and fire’

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