FIOD boss Van der Vlist resigns because of allowance affair


Hans van der Vlist, general director of the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD), will leave immediately. That writes research platform Follow the Money. The reason for his departure is the allowance affair. In an internal email to all FIOD employees, Van der Vlist says that he is clearing the field at the request of the top of the Ministry of Finance.

The allowance affair revolves around thousands of parents who received childcare allowance and were wrongly labeled as fraudulent. They were forced to repay large amounts at times. In the period 2013-2016, Van der Vlist was on the fraud management team of the Tax and Customs Administration.


On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance announced that it would file a report against the tax authorities for possible crimes in the allowance affair. This would involve professional discrimination and the official crime of gagging. The latter is “claiming or receiving a payment while the official knows that the payment is not due”.

State Secretaries Vijlbrief and Van Huffelen also announced that “appropriate measures” will be taken in the interest of the investigation.

Van der Vlist writes in the internal mail stating that he has had no involvement, science and direct responsibility in the handling of allowances, according to Follow the Money.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance says he can not say anything about the reporting of Follow the Money.

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